Virgo horoscope for december 23

The beauty is found in faith, regeneration, and spiritual awakening, and while those born on this date often see themselves as plain humans, they will typically strive high and build their beliefs to get in touch with the unifying idea of Oneness. They strive for higher thought, but in order to reach it, they need to go through difficulties, shadows or trauma, so they can resurface on the other side where challenges are accepted just as they are.

With Mars being the guidance for individuals born on the 23rd of December, they are meant to find grounding and initiative, focus on reality instead of spinning through scenarios in their mind and philosophies and beliefs that evoke negative situations. They must care for the body, sports, exercise, and active lifestyle that will allow them to get in touch with processes in their physiology that need to connect with their emotional world and mental strivings.

The first glimpse of emotional spasm found in the sign of Capricorn is seen in lives of those born on December 23rd, and they could feel unconscious fear of close contacts and intimacy before they are ready and self-taught or self-built enough to have confidence to get in touch with another person. They feel the need to try many different things and they are curious to try themselves out in different sorts of relationships. Still, they are somehow mostly turned to long-term commitments and when in love, they stay around for as long as purpose is not completely lost.

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Their relationships at a young age have a great impact on their sexuality and their energy for other things in life over time. They should choose their partners wisely and cleanse properly from emotional content blocking their path towards a creative future. They need a calm person beside them who makes them feel safe and nurtured, so they can relax and show their own tender emotions without restraint. A person born on December 23rd is an incredible teacher when in touch with those they tutor and their own emotional world.

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They need to feel the joy so they can implement their knowledge, and excel as sportsmen, hunters, miners, and manual laborers, finding meaning in practical things that need to get done. They are engineers and builders, those who study science that can be used in their daily lives, and do great in fields of economy, architecture, construction and material testing. Fortunately, retrograde Saturn is in your third house of communication helping you to find a new way of articulating what you believe and what is important to you.

There is something special in the air, but the uncertainty of change may be scary. Read a book or go to a workshop that supports you in a new, more relaxed, less defended state of mind.

Virgo Week of December 23rd 2012 Horoscope

Mercury, the ruler of your Sun sign, is retrograde in the 7th house of relationships. Communication with your significant other or clients is not what it could be. There is lots of conversation but not enough understanding. The horoscope of the year for all the 12 signs — from Aries to Pisces.

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Saturn casts an aspect on Mercury which will help you get to the root of the situation, however. Allow your heart to become your organ of speech and hearing. Saturn is retrograde in your 2nd house of talents, self-esteem, and money. Between now and Spring, create a game plan to bring forth those talents that are more at the core of who you really are. Decide what would help you to feel free and whole and let it percolate. Money conservation and budget scrutiny are important now. Your houses of romance and relationship are highlighted this month.

There is some uncertainty or confusion that needs to be sorted out. As Christmas approaches home life — your favorite area — and relationships are positively supported. The Full Moon this month happens the day after Christmas in your Sun sign. Be with family. Take care of others. Feed and revel with friends. Expanded thinking and communication are major themes this month as Jupiter continues through your 3rd house.

Not only is this a good period to take the lid off of limited thinking, the Sun, Mars, and Venus transit of your 5th house is likely to inspire your creative self.

Virgo The Virgin

Asteroid Chiron in the last degrees of your 6th house , December provides the opportunity to expand your knowledge of healing or to consider a healing practice. Any health issues should be tended to now with professional advice.

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Benefic, expansive Jupiter, now at the heart of your 2nd house of money, will be joined by the South Node on the 27th. Start early to examine spending and saving habits that might be taking you in the wrong direction. There is plenty of inspiration at the beginning of the month to consider developing new talents or skills that can add to your creative fulfillment.

Daily Virgo Horoscope for Saturday 23rd December 2017

While you may love order and shun surprises, this is a magical time for spontaneity of creative expression. This is also a good day to make future vacation plans! This is a solid day to do fundraising.

You might also ask others to contribute money, goods or their time to benefit someone who is less fortunate. Look for ways to help someone at home or in the family because this might be a lovely opportunity for you as well.

December Virgo Monthly Horoscope |

Be willing to go more than halfway when dealing with others today because the Moon is opposite your sign. Fortunately, you will be happy to do this because people are easy-going and supportive.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Creative, artistic types will inspire you today. You might be tempted to spend too much money on elegant luxury today, especially to impress someone or to buy someone important a gift. Do not strain your wallet!

Planetary Row

Do what you can but stay within your financial limitations to make your life easier. This is a social day, a creative day, and a wonderful day to schmooze with loved ones! Accept invitations to party. Take a long lunch. Talk to people from other cultures and different countries because you want to learn more and expand your awareness of the world. This is also a romantic day for a date! Actor Finn Wolfhard shares your birthday today.

You have a deep sense of purpose. You also have excellent communication skills. This year exciting changes and beginnings await you as you begin a new cycle.

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